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Erasmus+, KA3, Forward Looking Cooperation Projects

The main objective of the ALdia project is to reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.In order to achieve this objective, the ALdia project will:
a) define disabled student needs in both higher education and VET sectors,
b) develop and field-test an innovative, flexible, Massive Open Online Course for higher education lecturers and VET trainers, and
c) validate the acquired expertise through certification that will be based on the ECVET principles, thus facilitating its use across Europe

Project Coordinator: University of Alicante, Spain

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SWING project created sustainable policies in Universities to enable disabled students to have equal access to learning environments and programmes. Partners collaborated in the development, selection, procurement and use of accessible IT and accessibility standards that will be available through the Accessibility Centres in Partner Countries: Morocco and Egypt.

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Lifelong Learning Programme

The purpose of the PREATY project is to advance the skills and competencies of teachers across Europe and to better equip them with assessment strategies & tools to evaluate a number of key skills and competencies to be developed in the classroom. Specifically, the project aims at:

  • preparing teachers to apply modern ICT-based assessment approaches such as social network analysis (SNA), e-portfolios, learning analytics and enriched rubrics,
  • advancing teachers’ lifelong learning skills by building a community of teachers for sharing, discussing, debating, and improving assessment approaches, and
  • disseminating the projects’ outcomes giving emphasis on making an impact on the current school practices as well as creating exploitation plans for continuing the project work after the end of the project’s funding period.

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Youth in Action Programme

eYouthDemocracy is a Youth in Action project that brought together young people from Greece and Bulgaria in order to discuss issues of common concern, such as migration in other EU countries, the recognition of labor and professional rights, racism, marginalization and social exclusion and how to promote democracy in the European Balkan countries. In this way it aimed to promote the idea of European citizenship, involve young Bulgarians and Greeks in activities that can support their rights and needs and identify how they could engage in democratic/participatory activities at national and international levels.

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